Advisory Committee on University Resources Management (ACURM)


ACURM is responsible for reviewing whether the investment and expenditure of Brown’s financial resources is conducted with ethical and moral standards consistent with the University’s mission and values.

Established in summer 2020 as a successor to a long-standing committee that advised on matters of responsible investment practices, ACURM is an advisory body to the president of Brown University.

In accordance with its charge, ACURM is responsible for considering issues related to social responsibility with respect to:

  1. The Brown endowment.
  2. Business practices and policies.
  3. Labor issues, including fair labor standards, in the manufacture of products licensed by the University and bearing the University’s name and/or logo.
  4. Gift acceptance and naming policies.
  5. Other matters related to the investment and expenditure of University financial resources.

ACURM may consider requests by any member of the University community to examine allegations of “social harm” with respect to the investment or expenditure of University financial resources. ACURM advises the president, to whom it may make recommendations relating to matters properly within its charge and consistent with its General Guidelines for Operations.

For details about previous and upcoming ACURM meetings, please visit the Meetings page on this website.