Advisory Committee on University Resources Management (ACURM)


The membership of ACURM represents the diversity of perspectives and views of the Brown University community and includes expertise on matters of relevance to the Committee’s charge, such as socially responsible investment, the University’s business and financial practices, and fiduciary responsibilities.

2021-2022 Membership


  • Lisa Di Carlo, Lecturer in Sociology (Chair)
  • Mark Blyth, Director of the William R. Rhodes Center for International Economics and Finance; Professor of Political Science and International and Public Affairs
  • Melvin Rogers, Associate Professor of Political Science


  • Mukul Khanna, Undergraduate Student
  • Ayana Boyd, Undergraduate Student
  • Meaghan Carley, Graduate Student


  • Tiffany Amaral, Manager of Finance and Reporting: Center for Alcohol and Addiction Studies
  • Christine Geib-Ayala, Administrative Coordinator
  • Michael Santoemmo, Event and Meeting Coordinator


  • David Muller '81
  • Kayla Rosen '14
  • Sara Cunningham '06